A question of faith

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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A question of trust

Will you jump across the canyon?
It’s just the length of a man
But a long way down

Will you ride the wild, black stallion?
With your head in the clouds
And your feet on the ground

It’s a question of trust
It’s a question of grace
Don’t look back
Just turn and face

Will you walk upon the water?
When the night has come
And the tempest blows

Will you leave flowers at the altar?
In the midnight sun
At the gate of souls

It’s a question of trust
It’s a question of faith
It’s beyond understanding
It’s beyond time and space

The only truth is now, beyond the blood
And the only truth that is now
Is the reality of God

Each moment is eternal, atomic love
The greatest in the smallest
That’s who we are

When you pray
Pray for the help of angels
We cannot do this thing alone

Live like you never knew the danger
And love like you are already home

It’s a question of trust
That we never die
We come down to the earth
We go back to the sky

We are always loved
We are always blessed
It’s a question of trust
In the wilderness

Butterfly in Chains, A question of faith