All is well

by from the album [ Sirius ]
2 minute read

All is well

All is well
Deep inside
Take my hand
Step out of time
All is good
All is true
Take my heart too

Love is here
Love is thine
Trust in it
See the signs
Give thyself
Heal thyself
Surrender to love

So be not afraid
Be not afraid
‘Cause no-one
Nor nothing
Can ever take love away

I love you
You know that
Since you were born
And long before that
I’ve always loved you
Angels above you
(Like) you are my child

You are so loved
You are so loved
If only you knew
This precious truth
Beloved are you

Peace be with you
Your true self
Let love in
Cry your tears
They are pure
Let me wash away
Your pain

Now is the time
Is the
Moment divine
Is the
Hour of our truth
And I will be there
With you

You sang me your song
And I sang you mine
I sent you
My poem
And you wrote it in fire

I love you
You know this
Our breath of fire
Our golden kiss
Meet me tonight
Under the moon
I’ll wait there for you

There is no death
Only the sky
Love never ends
Everything grows
Love never dies

God bless you
See the sun
Rise on the
Wings of love
They gave you a name
Like people do
But that isn’t you

Be your wish
Be your prayer
Be the one
Who takes you there
Be your boat
Be your flight
Be the vessel
And be the light

Never give up
Never say die
Everything is
Possible now
Love doesn’t lie

I see you
I hear you
I trust you
I’m near you
I’ll laugh with you
I’ll cry with you
I’ll never forsake you

There are no mistakes
Nothing is lost
Love what you wish
Love who you were
Love who you are

Darling one
Dearest one
Most precious one
My golden one
I see the Christ
In your eyes
Can you see that in mine?

Love your life
Live your life
Walk the earth
Touch the sky
May you be blessed
In all that you do
Angels love you

I see God in you
I see God in you
There is no shame
To take that name
That’s who we are

Higher love
Waits for you
It’s there in your dreams
It’s always around you
Everything is
Made in God
That’s who you are

Follow the light
Follow the light
All will be well
Stay on the path
Follow your heart

Sirius, All is well