All of the pieces

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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All of the pieces

All of the pieces
You gave them to me
Bread on the table
And a will that is free

Eyes that can vision
And hands that can build
My cup overfloweth
And yet nothing is spilled

I remember my future
I discover my past
I have seen all the shipwrecks
When I was tied to the mast

Daily revelations
And a vigil by night
Ah! We come to adore Thee
And we carry Thy light

So who would be a soldier?
And who would be a priest?
Who would bring a pardon?
And who would bring the keys?
And who will play Judas?
And who will baptise?
And who of us will play Jesus
And lay down our lives?

All of the pieces
You gave them to me
A son of the sacrament
And a daughter of the sea

A tree full of olives
And a stone on which to pray
A beloved to unfold with
And a life full of grace

I have read from the Gospels
And I have sung from the psalms
I have heard all the prophecies
And the call to arms
But when I’m alone, God,
And it’s just you and me
Then I have all the pieces
And in you I am free

When I am far from the altar
And a long way from source
When my childhood seems like another life
That belongs to someone else

When I have all the pieces
But I just cannot see
Then I surrender my knowingness
To the mystery of Thee

I accept all the suffering
The losses and the gains
I take responsibility
For the chalice and the chains
I choose to be open
And so my heart sometimes bleeds
I have all of the pieces
I have everything I need

Butterfly in Chains, All of the pieces