by from the album [ Sirius ]
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In the silence
I heard you talk to me
You whispered my name
Without words

And my world held its breath
As you moved in her
And a bright star
Fell to earth

I am just a simple guy
But I know the miracle of grace
We had a love that was crucified
But it took us to a higher place

I know you’re always with me
Even when I don’t know where I’m at
And I say ‘Amen’ to that

In the magic of the moment
In the silence of the snow
I understood the virgin birth
I felt it in my soul

My love, my love she reminds me
She appears and then that
Always sets me right
Purify, purify and sanctify
Then the virgin can receive the light

I know you always guide me
Every snowflake is a kiss
And I say ‘Amen’ to all of this

In the silence of the night
All is still and all is quiet
I become my prayer
And I give myself to Thee

In the beauty of your song
I am back where I belong
And the mercy of it all
Is that you give Thyself to me
And I say ‘Amen’ to Thee

I wandered through the night-time
And I wandered through the day
I saw her in the market place
And in the Passion Play

I was looking for a manger
I was looking for the world
I heard the whisper of an angel
And she led me to the birth

And I understood the silence
And how I got rescued in the flood
And I say ‘Amen’ to love

And she led me to the promised land
And she showed me the human heart
And then she pointed to
The star of Bethlehem

And every single soul
Gives birth to the Holy child
And I say ‘Amen, Amen’
I say ‘Amen, Amen’

Sirius, Amen