Ancient grief

by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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Ancient grief

I see your lights baby, way down low
Somebody stole into your heart like a thief
You eyes are saying you got no place to go
When you’re touching on that ancient grief

Your prayers are pretty, but your faith is shot
You say that life has kicked you in the teeth
But don’t fight me when your fight is with God
And you’re touching on that ancient grief

You’re not responsible for what’s been done to you
It’s not your fault, no, no, no, no
But try to realise that it is you
Who has chosen who you have become
You still have that choice
You still have that choice

Your spin is angry, but your song is so sad, baby
Your independence under lock and key
You try to blame it on your Mum and Dad
But it’s more than that, it’s an ancient grief

Do you remember yourself as a child?
Do you remember the truth about you?
You hit the ground running
But nothing’s been defiled
And life is waiting for you

I don’t think Eden is the place to stay, baby
Every garden has a snake somewhere
There’s a seed of life and a seed of decay
And there’s a serpent hanging in your virgin hair

Don’t hold on too tight to innocence
When it’s sometimes tender, sometimes cruel and weak
Just put it down to experience
You got initiated by your ancient grief

Serpent in Paradise, Ancient grief