by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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Be you free
And be you true
And be of strong foundation

Be the change
You want to see
And be of one vibration

Be here now
And be your prayer
And be the bridge that takes you there, my love
And be the shepherd of your soul

Be you eagle
Be you dove
And be the flowing river

Be you moon
And be you sun
And be you gold and silver

Be the faith inside your heart
And be prepared to travel far, my love
And be courageous like a lion

Be aware
And be awake
And be the song you’re singing

Be the boat
Upon your lake
And be the gift you’re bringing

Be your rainbow
And be your grail
And be transparent in all you say, my love
And be the blessing that you need…

Just be who you are

The Blessing & The Bliss, Be