Beyond Saturn

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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Beyond Saturn

Well I dreamed this
That I was travelling
Beyond Saturn
Life was unravelling
And I was flying
In the mother-ship
And I felt like crying
At the magnificence

Of this life, of this life…

Are these the end times?
Or maybe my end times?
Or the beginning
Of a new life?

This journey thrills me
And undoes me
But I feel certain
That you love me

That you love me
That you love me
Are you with me?
In the silence
Of the dark light
As she breathes
And the humming 
Of the universe

Then I woke up
And I kissed you
You were sleeping
Like a small child

Beneath a great sky
That created you
And delivered you
And protects you

In your life, in your life…

Beyond Saturn
Something changed in me
Something planetary
Something heavenly

Some new chemistry
Some new alchemy
Beyond Saturn
Something changed in me
Inside my heart
Inside my heart

And it’s lasted
This change has lasted
I feel different
Since I parted
From the old ways
Where I doubted

Where my conditioning
Left me stranded
All alone
Without hope
Without love
Without you

Something stellar
In my dream world
Woke within me
An unseen world

A new vibration
Of compassion
Beyond Saturn…

Sacred Songs, Beyond Saturn