by from the album [ Sirius ]
2 minute read


You gave me my eyes
To see your beauty
And my morals
To do right by you

You gave me a clear
Line of duty
And a lover
To sing my song to

And you granted me
A hundred thousand wishes
And I laid these prayers
Like flowers at her door

And she’d braid them
All across the city’s bridges
And then you gave me
A hundred thousand more

Oh, our life is not our own
It’s only borrowed
And our flesh is but a whisper
Of your word

You placed us on the path
Of seven sorrows
And you asked us to bring
Some goodness to the world

You gave me my heart
And its rhythm
And my virtue
To make love from all the pain

You gave me a garden
Of forgiveness
And the grace
To make me rise again

And you choreographed
Betrayal and redemption
What a matrix
And a mercy to live through

A mandala in the sand
Like I was a holy Tibetan…
A lifetime’s work
Washed away in a moment or two

Our time is not our own
It’s only borrowed
The miracle of love
Lies beyond any proof

There’s a gospel in my heart
That I follow
That’s the only place I go to
For my truth

You gave me a knife
To cut attachments
I thought she loved me
Then I blinked and she was gone

My spirit name was written
On the parchment
And hers was sitting
Next to mine

You showed me our secrets
And our karma
In numbers that were sent
As little signs

There were twenty-seven angels
And one master
And a map
Of all the battle lines

Oh, our love is not our own
It’s only borrowed
I see this now
And really it’s OK

We renounce
And then renounce renunciation
In the end
Only love itself remains

Sirius, Borrowed