by from the album [ Calvary Hill ]
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When I was whole
I could move mountains
And when I walked tall
I just stopped counting

And I knew truth
He was my brother
And I knew love
She was my Holy Mother

And I knew no pain
And I knew no defeat
I was invincible
Your love was so sweet…

But now I’m broken

When I was a King
I had a kingdom
There was a flow
And there was a rhythm

I mapped the stars
And I charted the oceans
I wrote a book of prayer
And songs of devotion

And I had no doubt
And I had no fear
I was immovable
When your love was near…

But now I’m broken

But the light floods in
Impaled upon my sin
My heart more open
With every hammer and nail
I am broken
And yet Thy love prevails

It was a glory
To be in my stride
But it’s a blessing
To feel denied

It was a miracle
To be with you
But it’s a mercy
To be broken in two

There was a spell
That made me feel
There was a magic
That made everything real

But now that spell is broken

I remember
All our lives
All our children
All our husbands and wives

Now I’m alone
Up here on Calvary Hill
And I am broken
Broken in my will

But something’s happening
As my heart she bleeds
A strange light gathering
Angels coming for me
As I lay broken

As the light floods in
Tattooed upon my skin
No place left to roam
Now I’m going home

Calvary Hill, Broken