by from the album [ Grail Songs ]
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You sat there
And I sat here
Two friends stood
In between us
That and a million miles

Behold the cloth unfolds
With the Virgin in blue and gold

I guess it’s time
To go now
I think I’ll grab
A bite to eat
In the Sunny Life restaurant

You’re always sure to meet
Someone that you know

More pennies
In the paper cup
For the old girl
Bowed in prayer
Her black rags and matted hair

I’ll leave some flowers and a kiss
Upon the Freedom Bridge

Shall I walk
Or take the tram home?
I need to see the river
Mother of pearl
Beneath the stars

A silhouette of an ancient truth
The time I spent with you

I’m going to see the angels
Who’ll take care of my soul
I can lay there on the ether
And let go of all the ghosts

I’m going to see my teacher
I’m going to see my love
She’s going to take me to the dance
And purify my blood

The warrior and her pen
The poet and his gun

Busy in the morning rush
A student with her cello
And a gypsy violin

A coffee on the go
And faces I seem to know

The smell of baking
Fresh and sweet
The bread of life
Down in the metro

Szeretném, ha szeretnének

Did I see Jesus on the train?
I blinked and looked again

Parisian trees
And boulevards
Bullet holes
And ruin bars
And a row of empty shoes

They want to steal the crooked crown
But the Grail is underground

Seven chieftains
And seven kings
When I’m here
I feel like a hero
The angel Gabriel has my back

And St. Margaret saved my life
She took the devil’s knife

It’s misty on the island
As I run and exercise
I need to get in shape to play
Football with the guys

From Gellert Hill on a clear day
I can see what I’ve gained and lost
Everything I’ve ever loved
Crucified upon the rosy cross

Sacred and profane
The new Jerusalem

Grail Songs, Budapest