Butterfly in chains

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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Butterfly in chains

I am a starling in the stratosphere
I am a bee drawn to your flower
I am a dog who’s fallen through the ice
I am a crucifix on fire

I am an orphan and a refugee
I am an angel used to pain
I am an olive in Gethsemane
I am a butterfly in chains

There are pieces of my soul
So old, so old
Made of mercury, iron and gold
So old

I am an acrobat with a magic hat
I am the boy who gave Apollo his lyre
I am a feral kind of diplomat
I am your deepest, darkest desire

I am a scripture and a commandment
I am your pardon, long delayed
I am the pen, the paper and the parchment
I am a butterfly in chains

Will you take a message home?
Would you do that thing for me?
Will you tell them I’m not alone
And that I shall be free?

I am a tragic kind of comedy
I am a comic deathly knell
I am the illness and the remedy
I am a lover’s fond farewell

I am the silent voice of sanity
Some would say deranged
My lineage is inter-planetary
I am a butterfly in chains

Shall we trust or shall we trespass?
Can I help you carry your load?
Shall we rustle up some breakfast
For the road?

Will you sing that song
Of love again?
The one that you wrote
To create me?
It was your sacrifice
And your sacrament
It was the lovely life
That you gave me

I am a game of chess and I am solitaire
I am an unexploded bomb
I am a jewel thief… very debonair
I carry it off with some aplomb

We come here for the mystery
For the chance to meet again
This love will be the death of me
I am a butterfly in chains

I was the first boy in a rocket ship
You were the first girl on the moon
I was a monkey there at mission control
And you came back not a moment too soon

I was conceived but they didn’t plan it
And that’s the way I came
I was baptised on the Titanic
I am a butterfly in chains
I am a butterfly in chains

Butterfly in Chains, Butterfly in chains