by from the album [ Thunderheart ]
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My heart is not my own
My love
I have no other home
My love
I sacrifice my earthly life
To love Thee

Once I was a King of men
But now I am a child again
I gave away my kingdom
To be near Thee

Thank God I’m insignificant
I’m free to live with pure intent
Where every breath
And every touch is Thee

I offer you my every prayer
I’ll take your pain
When you require
O who could stand here now
And not adore Thee

Nothing matters any more
I lay upon this cold stone floor
And like a child I fall asleep
Before Thee

Through high ordeal
And low travail
My storm-tossed boat
And broken sail
By higher hand
She found her way to Thee

The only news I need to know
Comes from my heart
When I’m alone
I slept through endless lives
Until I found Thee

I offer you my innocence
Like gold, and myrrh
And frankincense
It’s all I have to give
So darling love me

Dearest love
O blessed be
You heal my heart
So mercifully
My every thought is Thee

Thunderheart, Carissima