Clouds like angels

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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Clouds like angels

Laying in the long grass
A church bell tolls
Like heaven in my hands
And we are sleeping in the moon

With trees like Titans keeping watch
The golden thread
Brings kisses from the sun
And I hear the beat of a different drum

With clouds like angels in the sky
And the singing wind a lullaby

And birds like saviours up above
A silhouette of a holy dove

I renew my vows
And pledge myself to Thee

Startled in the forest
A deer takes flight
And shape-shifts into mist
And I’m reminded of a truth

A fragile fire and a vision
An ancient text
And a boat that’s made for two
I see you take a leap of faith

With clouds like angels in the sky
And the thunder of a butterfly

And a fragrant raindrop in your hair
Like the sweetness of your silent prayer

I lay down my life
And deliver myself to Thee

I know your true name
I see your flame
Be here with me
Honour and glory be

God is love
I spill my blood
Blessed are these days
That Love, Thy infinite ways

With clouds like angels in the sky
Love comes like a Samurai

And the revelation of our fate
Is carved upon the temple gate

And by Thy hand
Then nothing can stop us now

Free the slaves
Live your days
Redeem into the light
All your rage, and your fear and hate

Stay strong in your truth
Love all that is you
Love life with all of your heart
Love all that you are

The Blessing & The Bliss, Clouds like angels