Crumbling walls

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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Crumbling walls

The crowd are in the temple
And the floor begins to shake
I see water on the walls
And the pillars start to break

And Michael tries to warn us
That the building’s coming down…
These crumbling walls
Cannot contain the Love
That’s in my heart for You

Come on take my hand
And we will run and run
And run and run tonight
Toward the village
Where the keeper keeps the key

By Lucifer dismembered
And by Ahriman denied
By Zarathustra strengthened
And by Jesus we have died

I had to stop all earthly things
The money
And the messages of Love
Because the darkness
Intercepted every truth

And you know as well as I do
We are fugitives
Who’s soul is split in two,
But these crumbling walls
Could never, ever bury You

Go about your business then
Put on your jeans and winter boots
And brush your hair and lock your door
Return to source and to your roots
And let’s be strangers for a while
The puddles freeze and the moon is blue
But the book is written and on this page
I tells me that my Love for You
Can never die…
No, no, no

Mention has been made
Of the attacks by friend or foe
It’s hard to trust a smiling face
Or know which way to go

If they crucify your magical child
Forgive them
For they know not what they do
These crumbling walls they know
Your magical child is You

I sang about the Passion
As it played out in our love, under the moon
These crumbling walls they know
That what I sang was true

The foundation needs rebuilding
But the land is traumatised
There are flowers that lay bleeding
There was such violence in the skies

If I’m insane, if I’m to blame
I hand you back your toothbrush and your heart
I never meant to call
The wrath of Zeus to you

No-one understands this thing
Not they, nor you, nor I…
These crumbling walls can testify
That God was present when we died
When we died

But death is an illusion
It was just our mortal selves
Who met again and wept.
The greater truth
Is that I took your hand
And ran and ran,
And ran and ran
And smiled and sang
With You

The Blessing & The Bliss, Crumbling walls