Crystal Street

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Crystal street

I was speaking to a friend, Judith, the other day
And while we talked she mentioned your name
I didn’t ask, it just happened that way
She said you’d left some things
And she’d bring them to you today

A little bar of scented soap that smelt so clean & fresh
I saw your writing on the package, it was self-addressed
I think it said ‘Crystal Street’
But I couldn’t quite make out exactly where you lived

Well I don’t really know that part of town
But I was there just the other week
I took the bus number 4, or was it 60?
And the rain fell like tears running down the street

I saw a silhouette up in the window that looked like you
And maybe it was… maybe it was…
I remember the kitchen walls were a faded yellow
Like the street lights in the rain

I hear your brother’s getting married pretty soon
That makes me very happy, he’ll be a perfect groom
Do you still have your crazy cat? She must be twelve?
How’s she doing will all the moves?
Ah… I’m talking to myself.

It’s not so beautiful up there, with industry all around
But it reminds me of near where I lived as a child in London town
And now I live in your city
But we don’t meet

Waiting in the rain for the bus with all the people going home
To their wife and kids, or maybe just alone
But it’s kind of cosy, like my student life…
A bar of soap, a crazy cat, and my whole existence in a phone

You did well, you came good, I always thought you would
I trusted you to work it all out in your own way
And in the end, after such a long time.
We came together in gratitude and peace

I never, ever stopped loving you
I can never, ever stop caring about you
I think our love is a secret mystery that will live for all time

We don’t have to be together
And we don’t have to be apart
It’s not like that…
Our connection was always in the mystery of the heart

Two crazy children we were
Twins of sorrow
That fell from the same star

So that was my dream last night
How funny it all seems
The images don’t make much sense
And yet it feels like a place where we could meet in the soul
I can catch the number 4 or the number 60
Down to Crystal Street

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, Crystal Street