Deep-sea diver

by from the album [ Gospel of Love ]
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Deep-sea diver (Such a pretty girl)

Such a pretty girl In a fragile world She made a sacred vow And took an ancient curse

Learning how to learn And then learning how to unlearn She’s a deep-sea diver Fishing for pearls

She wanders through this life With just a poem and a shadow She traded all her heart-break In exchange for prayers

We are refugees and pilgrims We are all unborn children It was hard to know at first What was mine and what was hers

Walking on the wire Jumping through the fire She’s a pregnant virgin In the cosmic choir

She’s the silent type But it’s not a dawn without birds She says a lot of things But without any words

I put it all down to karma This matrix of existence She commutes between the worlds A blur of moon, and wings and sea

She’s the perfect diplomat She doesn’t talk about the mysteries We have an understanding And her secret’s safe with me

The sun is down And her eyes are brown The moon is new And her eyes are blue The night is long And her hair is braided and chaste In the golden morn It tumbles down to her waist

So she does her day In her special way She shakes her sleepy head And puts her time-line on ‘play’

Then she’s brushing her teeth And putting on her jeans She looks into the mirror Wondering what she’ll see

Sometimes it’s Mary of the Sorrows Or Jesus on the sea Sometimes a broken arrow Or occasionally me

Sometimes a vision of her past Laying flowers on a grave Or a vision of her future A song with her name

Such a pretty girl We don’t often meet But it makes my day When she smiles at me

Gospel of Love, Deep-sea diver