Dragon child

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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Dragon child

Protected by the angels
And the hero of the sun
And the shepherd of the mountain
And the star of Bethlehem

She will find her song
Under the sea
It was written just for her
Her prophecy

And all the cherubs
And the seraphs of the sky
And all the Holy mothers
Bless the dragon child

What treasure is this?
Her heavenly kiss
The thunder cries
Of the dragon child

The air is sweet
Where lovers meet
Beyond the blue
He waits for you

She fires her arrow
Into the night
And all the broken pieces
Are shards of light

The water flows
Where love goes
Beyond the pain
Forgiveness reigns

Into the wild
Into the sun
You are not defiled
My darling young one

Undress the moonlight
And start to pray
His dream is your reality
I heard her say


Shine your light
The day is young
Shine your light
My darling young one

Butterfly in Chains, Dragon child