by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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I heard that you mastered your heart
And that your new beliefs played their part
And your anger has all turned to prayers
And that you cut your hair by the light of the moon
And that your silhouette has an aura of blue

I heard that you threatened to leap
And your horse came untied in your sleep
And the soldier who found you put his trench-coat around you
And carried you back through the storm
But that you stayed unborn

I journeyed to speak to your demons
Who said that your freedom
Was a matter for you
But when I returned you were going
And a dark shape was sewing
Your heart-shaped tattoo

I remember how you used to sing
About love and that kind of thing
But they’ve flattened the arch down where you used to march
And replaced it with a sculpture or two
You wouldn’t know they were you

Now the gold has all turned to lead
While you were tied down to the bed
This reverse alchemy is much plainer to see
By the candle your teacher gave you
Last time that you flew

I recall at the height if your powers
You turned stone into flowers
And then back into stone
I suppose the definitive potion
Was dropped in the ocean
When you lived alone

Meet me in the forest at eight
We can talk about changing our fate
The tide will be in, we can both take a swim
To the island that’s not always there
It depends on the air

I dreamt of a fox in my room
It got in by the light of the moon
Well, you know what they say about the old fairy-tales…
And when I woke I was thinking of you
I was thinking of you

Serpent in Paradise, Elisa