Everything is in God

by from the album [ Falling Through Time ]
1 minute read

Everything is in God

The truth about truth reduced me
Like a beggar in the rain
On the elemental mountain
I called out your name

But in the deepest sense
I feel connectedness
And then everything
Is in God

There’s a kind of sadness
That makes me feel alone
And in that moment I can forget myself
And I can’t find my way home

But in my deepest heart
There’s still connectedness
And then everything
Including me
Is in God

I don’t mean to presume that I know
And I use this word ‘God’ protectively
But there’s a higher power
In my consciousness
Where I feel loved
And then everything
Is in God

Every single thing is Divine
A meditation
And I’m an atheist
And a scientist
Inside God

Life is suffering
And a gift from above
Is this irreconcilable
Or a miracle of love?
In my deepest soul
I hold this paradox
And then everything
Is in God

Falling Through Time, Everything is in God