Everything will be OK

by from the album [ Knights & Angels ]
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Everything will be OK

Everything will be OK
Just trust the unseen world above
For I have seen that all will be well
So keep the faith and listen for the love

Everything will be all right
Lay down your pretty head and sleep
The healing comes when you surrender
We love you… it’s OK for you to weep

You think you lose it all in the storm
But no, that’s the moment
That’s the moment when you are born
You find your wings and the power of flight
And you remember you are a being of light

Everything will be OK
Time and space are gifts from God
So our mortal self can know
The miracle, the miracle of the blood

Everything will be all right
And I don’t say that lightly, or in fun
Tell your truth and be courageous, my love
And you will find that the two becomes the one

The seven virtues are your stars
And lo the angels guide you
We guide you on your path
Hear this and know it to be true
Hear this and know we believe in you

Trust your truth
Not your will
You feel it as a sense of rightness
You feel it when you are quiet and still

Everything will be OK
Be prepared to lift the veil
So you can gaze upon the truth
And you will know then that higher love prevails

Everything will be all right
Do not be fooled by the trickster’s face
For every pain and every sorrow
Is given to thee in love…
Is given to thee in grace

For we have seen that you’re a hero
And to you, brave child
Elijah shall descend with the Holy Dove
So just hold on a moment longer
A moment longer
And the pain turns into love

Knights & Angels, Everything will be OK