Falling through time

by from the album [ Falling Through Time ]
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Falling through time

Come and walk with me
Through the mystery
There’s a place that I know
Where the angels are falling through time

I’ve been there many times…

Where unknowing becomes the road
And your struggles become
Your sacred songs
And the colour of love
Is the ray in the dark, dark light

I believe in you
I would thieve for you
And I’ll follow you faithfully
Even when you lose your way

Crossing the line with you
Tending the vine with you
Falling through time with you

A little further on
Before time began
There’s a place in your soul
Where the spirits are singing your name

I’ve heard them many times…

Where your shadow becomes your fate
And your sorrow becomes a karmic song
And the echo of love
Is a voice in the wilderness

I will wait for you
And open the gate for you
And I’ll whisper the song of the cradle
As you fall asleep

I’ll fall behind with you
I see the Divine in you
I’m falling through time with you

Soar with the wings of your heart
They’ll carry you home
To who you really are
Oh! What joy
What joy
To be who you really are

Where the rivers meet
And the air is sweet
There’s a place between heaven and earth
Where your ray was formed

Do you remember this?

Where your essence and all that you are
Incarnated, just like a bright new star
And the thunderous drums of the firmament
Pounded on

I lit a fire for you
I walked the wire with you
And I caught you each time you stumbled
And started to fall

A light shines for you
I’d sacrifice mine for you
I’m falling through time with you

Falling Through Time, Falling through time