Fields of breeze

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Fields of breeze

Come to the fields of breeze
And you can put your mind at ease
And you can walk among the trees
With your eyes closed

Love is in the air
Will you come and meet me there?
There’s a half-moon on the hill
Don’t know where the time goes

There are flowers in the dawn
And your sleepy hair is falling
On your honey-coloured shoulders

Come to the fields of breeze
With the butterflies and the bees
And the children running free
In the morning

There are roses in the moon
There are doves that drink the dew
There are angels in the shooting-stars
That are falling

The sun is blue and the sky is gold
It’s a place where another world unfolds
Will you come to the fields of breeze?

I remember coming here
When we were just dreams in the stratosphere
And you were the river
And I was your lover

I waited for you by the old church tower
And the bells they were ringing every hour
The night was undressing
And the candles were blessings of love

Come to the fields of breeze
There’s a puppy by your knees
There’s a kitten chasing leaves
On a rainbow

You can rock in the old swing-chair
You can drink in the fragrant night air
You can play with your daughter’s hair
Don’t know where the day goes

We can walk on a cloud together
Through the valley of forever
Will you come to the fields of breeze?
Will you come to the fields of breeze?

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, Fields of breeze