by from the album [ State of Grace ]
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Footsteps (Adapted by Asher Quinn from the poetic
vignette ‘Footprints’ by Margaret Powers)

Two sets of footsteps in the sand
One is mine, and one is Thine
But something troubles me, my Lord
And I want to ask you this
Why is it that in my darkest hours
Only one set of footsteps exists?

Why do leave me then, my Lord
Why do you abandon me?
I thought you were with me
Until the end, my Lord
Through all eternity

My precious child, my precious one
I would never leave you all alone, my love
When you were weary, scared and lost
Forsaken, carrying your cross
In times of trouble, strife and pain
Believing you were alone again

When you were in a great despair
And felt I was untrue
When you saw only one set there
That’s when I carried you

State of Grace, Footprints