For you

by from the album [ Spirit Songs ]
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For you

I will sing for you
I will sing for you, my love
Sing for you, my love, a song from my heart

I will dance for you
I will dance for you, my love
Dance for you, my love, underneath the stars

Many times I have longed
To hear the sound of your song
And the beating of your drum in the forest

Many times have I spun
And many herbs have I hung
Wouldst that thou were here now for me to caress

I believe in you
I believe in you, my love,
I feel for you, my love, like we are one

I will wait for you
I will wait for you, my love,
Wait for you, my love, I know you will come

Many seeds have I sown
And many flowers have I grown
Many times have I gazed at the moonlight

Many seasons have turned
And many candles have burned
I long to lay with you, and to wake with you at the first light

I will pray for you
I will pray for you, my love
Pray for you, my love, that you may know

I will call to you
I will call to you, my love
Call to you, my love, the song of my soul

Many angels have blessed
With many whispers and breaths
Like the soft, summer breeze in the meadow

Many birds have appeared
And many spirits have neared
As I call to your heart from my window

Spirit Songs, For you