Friends for life

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
2 minute read

Friend for life

I had a love
When I was a child
But from another world

She was born in me
And I in her
She was a special girl

We didn’t speak
But we just knew
That we were friends for life

It was like God
Was telling me
That she was my wife

Mountains will crumble
Identity stumble
Who will ever know we were here?

Nothing is forever
Everything will sever
Everything will disappear

And then I courted
And married
I took a bride

We had kids
And made a home
I thought we’d be friends for life

But as Venus fell
And Mars rose in the sky
Things changed

I’ve never, ever
Stopped loving her
Even to this day

This flesh & blood
Is given in love
Ten billion stars in time & space

Everything burns
Everything returns
Everything is given in grace

And then I met
A twin-flame
Two bodies and one soul

I thought we were eternal
And that we’d never
Grow old

She became my muse
And I figured
We’d be friends for life

But a candle burns
In sacrifice
To give us light

Tibetan seers
Spend twenty-five years
Painting pictures in the sand

And then they wash them all away
As if to say
That’s the higher hand

We do this endless dance
We pull together
And then we pull apart

Oh sadness be…

First we bring some flowers
Then we sharpen up the knife

A week, a month, a year…
In a moment
Of forgetting
We whisper
That we’ll be friends for life

I searched for her
In the mountains of my mind
In the words of every song

But lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
They’re in each other
All along

My life has been blessed
I have undressed
Intimacies that have come and gone

But the one that remains
Is the one who never came
She was in me all along

Butterfly in Chains, Friends for life