Girl Jesus

by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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Girl Jesus

A ‘live’ version of this also appears on the compilation album “Forgotten Language of the Heart”.

They arrested me for treason
And for senseless acts of love
For the murder of your feelings
And for stealing from above

They showed me in the mirror
The face of a tired old man
They took me to the tower
On an island in my mind

I closed my eyes for a moment
In the hour of my defeat
I saw the image of a silver moon
Become a pearl upon the sea

And the pearl became a lotus
And a young woman dressed in white
Opened her arms toward me
And she met me with her eyes

Then I saw Mary with Mohammed
By the shores of the holy sea
I saw Abraham and Isaac
Introduce themselves to me

And the girl inside the flower
Was my young mother from afar
And she forgave me my mortality
And she named me from her heart

She walked upon the water
And she cradled me in her arms
After lifetimes spent in armour
My heart broke in two and I cried

And I wept for my religion
And I wept for my impossible life
And I wept in the arms of girl Jesus
And I wept just like a child

Serpent in Paradise, Girl Jesus, Forgotten Language of the Heart