God's perfect circle

by from the album [ O Great Spirit ]
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God’s perfect circle

In God’s perfect circle
I justify my soul
I remember my immortal self
And understand my role

I came to earth bearing simple gifts
With tales of wonder and woe
I know I lost something special
I left it with you long ago

In God’s perfect circle
I accept all loss and gain
I pray for grace beyond my means
And listen for the rain

This busy-ness is transient
I like to feel involved
And all the while my deepest love
Can never be dissolved

In God’s perfect circle
The music of the spheres
The forest moon my seeing eye
The river song my ears

I came because you called to me
You sang inside my sleep
I promised to remember you
A promise I will always keep

In God’s perfect circle
I lay down and closed my eyes
I wondered through this matrix
Like a child without a guide

A blood initiation
In the higher laws of pain
In God’s perfect circle
I lay down and felt the rain

O Great Spirit, God's perfect circle