Goodnight God

by from the album [ Knights & Angels ]
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Goodnight God

Goodnight God
I thank you for my life
it gives me time to know you

I love you very much
I like to find
new ways to show you

I think of you
as I wash dishes
I write you poems
with my secret wishes
I sing you songs
with lots of kisses, too

You bless my food
You bless my prayer
You bless by virtue
of me being here.
Goodnight God
let’s meet beyond the blue

Today I heard You
in the city choir
of noises in the heat

And then I saw You
in a girl, who sold me flowers
on the street

I drink your cup
of midnight sorrow,
a potion that brings
joy tomorrow
but somehow all that dissolves
in time and space

I lay in roses
I lay on nails,
whatever this sweet journey entails.
Good night God
in sleep I’ll see Thy face

All is good
and perfectly imperfect
in my wondrous heart

Even debris
in the river
reveals to me
Thy still-life art

You say so much
but silently,
and I’ve come to feel that
as a mercy,
so thank you for not
overwhelming me

I love the way
You veil Your mystery
You protect me from
simplistic history,
goodnight God
I’ll see you in my dreams

Good night God
I’ll see you in my dreams

Knights & Angels, Goodnight God