Green man

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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Green man

There’s a dance to be danced
In the pale moon shadows
And a cosmic prayer
In the standing stones
There’s a girl to be loved
In the morning meadow
All the skies are singing

Can you feel the love
In the river’s longing
Carrying all the souls?
Did you feel the kiss
In the tall trees swaying
There between the worlds?

There is blood inside
The mighty boulder
And a fiery angel
From the sun
There’s a way to kiss
And a way to hold her
All the waves are pounding

Can you see the light 
In your loved one’s aura
Radiant like the sun?
Did you magic flowers
And gather them for her
All the worlds are one

There’s a green man 
Inside the mountain
There’s a green man on the moor
There’s a green man
Who climbs the ivy
That grows around your door

There’s a fishing boat
On the see-saw skyline
Rolling home
On the drunken sea
There’s an electric moon
In the crazy heavens
All the stars are swimming

There’s a face in the tree
And a bell of remembrance
There’s a willow weeping low
Did you walk with her
In the moonlit alley
And offer her your soul?

There’s a green man
Inside the forest
Singing you his song
There’s a green man
Who lives forever
He’s in you all along

Sacred Songs, Green man