Half past ten

by from the album [ O Great Spirit ]
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Half past ten

Half past ten
Don’t know when…
The hour is getting late
I’m waiting by heaven’s gate…
My holy vigil
By heaven’s gate

I see you in my dreams
I’ve known you all along
I’m waiting for your light
I offer you my simple song
I offer you
Every song

Half past one
The moon on the mountain has come
Now others are here with me
There are many candles down in the valley
Many candles
As far as the eye can see

I heard you call to me
I heard you call my name
I felt it in my heart
And others, they say the same
They heard you
Call their name

Half past three
Something’s happening to me
Something’s now gathering in my soul
Some greater power is taking hold
Some greater power is taking hold…

Half past four
I’ve never felt this feeling before
This is not just a construct that I know
It’s a seismic shift in my soul

A portal has appeared
Elijah in white light
I’m walking, now I’m running to Thee
Now angels are carrying me
Now I’m flying into the light
Now I’m disappearing into light
Now I’m vanishing into light…
Now I am light…

O Great Spirit, Half past ten