Hallelujah prayer

by from the album [ Sirius ]
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Hallelujah prayer

I pray that I
May come to know

That love of loves
That song of souls

I pray that you
Will find your way

And reach that place
That’s beyond all pain

The road is long
Many paths we choose
I feel so blessed
To have walked with you

What is a life
Beyond the blood?

What is a love
If not for God?

I used to be
A fearful man

Until I knelt down
And received my ‘I am’

Then the night, and the day
And the river, and the sun
All things were revealed
As blessings of love

All things are in God
Hallelujah prayer to that
God is present
God is near

And all things are in us
Because we are the living God
God is here

God is here

Cannot you see
That all is grace?

We are blessed with time
We are blessed with space

So that we come
To know the truth

Beyond the meaning
And beyond the proof

The veils that are lifted
Are created by grace
They are there to protect us
From the beauty of her face

The God and Goddess
Are one in love

We are their children
We are their blood

We came to earth
To bring that love

There is no other
Task for us

If you ask for the meaning
And the purpose of this life
Then I say it is to know God
And to bring down the light

All things are a healing
Hallelujah prayer for that
Heal your heart
And weep your tears

All things are a learning
Because we all aspire to truth
Love is here

For your hallelujah prayer

Sirius, Hallelujah prayer