Have mercy on me

by from the album [ Falling Through Time ]
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Have mercy on me

Have mercy on me
Give me sanctuary
Give me peace of mind
And help me to find my way

I’ve got blood on my hands
There’s nothing left that stands
Ain’t got no more plans
Don’t even understand
The way my own heart snakes around

So have mercy on me
Is my road so solitary?
The moon afflicts my mind
The sun has been unkind to me

Or is it just a spell
From some black wishing well?
A curse from olden times
Karma for ancient crimes
Against love, and trust and faith…

Day dawns
And the sky is deadly blue
Then night falls
And I’m no nearer you
So I wait for the right words to come

Have mercy on me
I need your company
Don’t know the details well
But I remember hell on earth

It starts silently
From somewhere deep in me
And then it gathers pace
Until it kills the face
Of truth and belief, and respect

So have mercy on me
Send an angel or three
I feel it’s the end of the line
I just ran out of time, but I’m cold…

I’m so cold
And I feel so old
Standing indecently
I lost my chance to see
Your true face, your true heart
And your true mind

This time
I will work out what to do
There’s no turning back
I must turn and face you
With my whole heart
And my soul
And my mind

So have mercy on me
Give me sanctuary
Give me peace of mid
And help me to find my way

Falling Through Time, Have mercy on me