Heaven on earth

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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Heaven on earth

Heaven on earth
Each holy birth
A remembrance of a love divine

Our lion hearts
Our heavenly stars
The sacred meaning of our lives

To reconnect to our birthright
And manifest our inner light
That’s what we came to do

There’s nothing in our daily tasks
That’s more important
Than our hearts of gold
And being part of You

The song’s incomplete
And bittersweet
Archangels orchestrate our fate

I sing for Thee
Thou singst for me
We sing our songs of love and chains

And somewhere in our hopes and fears
We seek the music of the spheres
The song that calls us home

A little nearer every day
Until the light that points the way
And we know we’re not alone

The journey’s long
There’s no right or wrong
There’s only learning how to be

God’s love is near
The devil is fear
We learn to live in uncertainty

For certainty makes us a God
And that prevents us knowing love divine
Faith is the key

Not knowing God and not believing
That’s the gateway to receiving love
I put my faith in Thee

Take me down
To the source
To the ground
To the root
Take me down

Stay with me
Fill me up
Hold me tight
Stay with me 
Shine your light

I love you so
You give me hope
You set me free
You fill me up
Stay with me

Life is love
However far
However near
You’re in my heart
You’re always here

Sacred Songs, Heaven on earth