Holy sparks

by from the album [ State of Grace ]
2 minute read

Holy sparks

As sleep unclasps your fevered day
And plays you like a harp
The moon upon your pillow doth play
And I see your holy sparks
I see your holy sparks

Some see just the wound in you
Some see just the child
Some see the fragile glass in you
But I see the holy sparks

Beyond your blood and battle hymn
Beyond your victory march
Beyond your armour, paper thin
I can see your holy sparks
I see your holy sparks

Spirit into soul, my love
And soul into your heart
Your heart into the cauldron
With your ten million holy sparks

I pray for you, and I lie for you
I sing for you and I cry for you
I don’t question you
I would rescue you
I invest in you
And I’m impressed with you

You were hewn with me
You were torn with me
You were spared with me
You were born with me

You remember me
You remember me
You remember me…

Your single flame and sinless prayers
Your ladder to the stars
Your distant drum and cute repairs
I see your holy sparks
I see your holy sparks

Your saviour whispers sweetly, dear
He leads you to the dance
He understands completely, dear
He sees your holy sparks

You break your fast and you break the mould
You heal your broken heart
You break the seal upon your jar
And release your holy sparks
Release your holy sparks

Your fine intent
And your new testament
Your sacramental tasks
Your government
And inner parliament
And your cabal of holy sparks

You remember me, you uncover me
You deliver me, you discover me
You believe in me
You can pardon me
You can see the holy sparks in me

And I can mirror you, and uncover you
And deliver you, and discover you
And I remember you
I remember you
I remember you
I remember you…

State of Grace, Holy sparks