by from the album [ Calvary Hill ]
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I miss you
Are you hurting
Like I do?
I guess not
Any more
Or I would feel it
Deep inside my heart
Like I used to

I was taken
By surprise
This morning
When I realised
Once again
That you
Don’t love me any more
It’s a killer
That’s for sure

I’m hurting
I’m hurting
I’m hurting
So bad
But it’s just a moment
Of madness
A deathly kind of sad
A deathly kind of sad

There’s less of me
But more of… something
I’ve lost weight
You look great
With your new hair
You need a new guy
By your side
To look out for you
I wish that for you

Things are happening
I can’t explain them
Even to myself
It’s a mystery
But since you left me
Through the hurt
Through the hurt
There’s something else
That’s come into my heart
Something else…

And it gathers
Through the hurting
Through the hurting
It gathers more
The more I hurt
The more I love
Like nothing
I’ve ever felt before

I won’t bore you
With such things
It’s more a note to myself
As I come out of my dream
Where I was with you
And you smiled
And waved to me on the bus
Like you used to
But it was a dream

So for a moment
I was hurting
Another sword
Another sword inside my heart
To add to my collection
Does it ever
Get any easier to bear?
Yes, of course it does
Doesn’t it?

This hurting
This hurting
This hurting
Is my way
My way of still loving you
‘Cos if I didn’t
I guess I wouldn’t
I guess I wouldn’t

Calvary Hill, Hurting