I'll be your priest

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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I’ll be your priest

He sees
Your every need
He feels
And He listens
He knows you and He heals

God loves you
Just as you are
You know the way home, my sweetheart
Just follow your guiding star

Go now
To the silver stars above
And your angels
May they adore you
In the golden light of love
Forever more
Forever more…
Forever more…

Sleep now
Deep down
May you sail upon the oceans of sky, my darling
May you fly to where the golden bird flies

Let go
And remember who you truly are
A disciple and a holy spark
An arrow
And a builder of the arc
The brightest star
The brightest star…

Reach high
We never die
There is only love eternal
We came here to bring flowers from the sky

Breathe deep
And surrender to the powers of love
May you always be anointed by grace
May you always be blessed, my darling love
My darling love

Sow seeds
My heart bleeds
When you love you have to suffer loss
When you love
You have to help Him to carry his cross

Through many lives
I have been
Your lover who has kept you warm
Your symphony in the storm
Your pardon and your release
Your shadow and your beast
Your famine and your feast…
Your sacrifice…
Your golden fleece
And this time round, my darling ~
~ for your wedding
I’ll be your priest

Butterfly in Chains, I'll be your priest