I'm so sorry

by from the album [ Grail Songs ]
2 minute read

I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry
I have hurt you
Through my fear
I couldn’t hear you
Your flower closed
Because of me
And that’s the saddest thing
I’ve ever seen

You are good
And you are true
I wrongly judged
Your point of view
Sometimes I just don’t know
What goes on in my mind
And I can be
So unkind

But you don’t deserve that
You did no wrong
The violence in my soul…
You were right
That was my song

I don’t ask
For anything
I just want you to know
That I realise what I did
I see my pride
And my determination to be right
And I have to change
That thing inside

These things
I do
In the name
Of love
I act like I know you
All too well
But actually
I don’t know you enough

I should enquire who you are
And offer you space to be yourself
I made a craven image
So that’s not you there upon my shelf

I offer you this
You don’t have to carry
For one moment longer
The burden of my unknowingness
I can take it from here

I’m so sorry
What I offer
Is that I learn
From my mistakes
It seems that we had to
Do this thing together
But maybe there’s some healing for you
If I truly change

The answer’s softness
The answer’s openness
To trust
That we will find a way
The answer’s lightness
The answer’s playfulness
To be like a sailboat
On a blue sky day

To feel the sun
When the day is done
May it shine on you
May new blessings come

You left your scarf
I found it on the bed
I can bring it over if you want
Or leave it with a friend instead

Grail Songs, I'm so sorry