I was just thinking of you

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
1 minute read

I was just thinking of you

I was just thinking of you
And remembering
That look in your eyes

There was no war
No forgetting
Only breathing
As we held each other tight

What time is it now?
Is it time to wake up?
What day is it?
Will we drink from the golden cup?

We were born to love
And to serve
We were born to hold on
And to keep our nerve

We were born from on high
And from down below
We were born…
That’s all we need to know

I was just thinking of you
In my prayers
And for that eternal moment
I feel you are there

Even though
Everything has dissolved
Love is love
It can’t be cured; it can’t be solved

I found a parchment
That we wrote in blood
It’s the original
From before the flood

And I found a poem
That you sent to me
Before I was born
I see now why it was meant for me

And I
I wrote a poem for you
I hope
I hope that it makes it through

I sent it
With a rose upon the cross
And a kiss…
In God we trust

I love you
It’s been a long, long time
I found my crucifix
And your locket still entwined

I love you
I loved you before we met
I’ll love you before my dawn
And after my sun has set

And I want
To be in your heart
And I want
To know
Who you are

I’m a lover
Who falls in and out
Of what’s true

I’m a lover
Who was just thinking of you

Butterfly in Chains, I was just thinking of you