I wish you all the best

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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I wish you all the best

I wish you all the best
May God protect you always
I’ve laid this thing to rest
And I won’t look back at all

I treasure every moment that we shared
Even when you said you didn’t care

I’m grateful for your love
You changed my life forever
It was a cherry tree in the sun
And it still blossoms every year

Through you I learned to love and to let go
You taught me how to live and not to know

You can meet me on the street and look away
But then life goes on, forever and a day
And no-one would ever know we went so deep
Somewhere in the silence a Madonna weeps

I taught you how to float
And you taught me how to swim
You showed me all the ghosts
From the fairy-tale you’re in

Well, I took my coat and hat down from your star
But I can truly say I love you for who you are

You took me to the tree
Where you played and read
You wanted me to see
Your Jesus and your bed

We play both roles… we play killer, we play saviour
But don’t let anyone tell you it was a failure

I didn’t want to own you or to change you
My deepest wish was to free you, not to chain you
When you love someone you think you do the choosing
But it’s a greater force that brings both the loving and the losing

These days sometimes I cannot visualise your face
How do you do that? How do you vanish without a trace?

In Egypt we were slaves
And in Roman times we were Christians
We sacrifice ourselves
Because we still have that same mission

To be one with God and to prosper in the sun
I wish you all the best, my darling one

Butterfly in Chains, I wish you all the best