I wish

by from the albums [ Sacred Songs ] [ Knights & Angels ]
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I wish

I wish you every kind of joy
I wish you were not so far away
I take you to be one of a kind
A rare fragrance that cannot be defined

I understand your sleepy soul
I planted fruit trees for when you get old
Let’s meditate on where we go from here…

I wish you every kind of love
Be drinking from your golden cup
I wish you a Zen garden for your mind
And that your conscience will learn how to be kind

I left a message with a trusted friend
We’ll start our journey where it looks like journey’s end
We’ll catch a night-train into the wild unknown…

I wish you every kind of peace
And every kind of emotional release
Let’s wait until the storm has passed
Until the thunder-clouds make way for the stars

I dreamt about a railway-station scene
A place where I had never been
And there I saw you wait for me
And then one day we saw it for real

I wish you every kind of grace
A good journey into inner space
A sanctuary for your higher self
A connection to your spiritual wealth

Some magic for your eternal child
A gateway to a hundred thousand smiles
I hope my love can set you free
And I wish you were here with me

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