Illusions I have loved

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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Illusions I have loved

Illusions I have loved
Like life and death
Good and bad
Win and lose
And the borders
Between nations

They all seem so absurd
Now that I see we are all one
I see a hundred billion parts
Of one creation

I need to let them go
And sacrifice attachments 
I have made to childish things
Like hate and fear

Illusions I have loved
They’ve been a comfort in the dark
But things move on
Toward the one, toward the one

Science shows me formulae
And text books show me law
In black and white
But I need metaphor
To understand the fire

The big bang doesn’t disprove God
It shows friction in the void
And the power of love
In atomic form
An uncontainable desire

The atheists and creationists,
The animists, the alchemists
We all seek to understand
The source

Illusions I have loved
Include belief and disbelief
But now I’m here
At last I know
That I don’t know

I could not speak
I could not see
I could not hear your name
I chose to hide inside my mind
And betray you

I cannot say for sure
What helped me open up this realm
I think the pain, the suffering
Was the breakthrough

A pure intention in the sun
A poem and a shaman’s drum
These things
And a new vibration coming through

Illusions I have loved
Consigned to history and dust
Times have changed
So have I
So have we all

Sacred Songs, Illusions I have loved