It's just a song, and that's OK

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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It’s just a song, and that’s OK

You passed me by
On a busy street
Making sure our eyes
Didn’t meet

You re-wrote history
And they sent me the book
It fell open at the end
So I took a look

It’s amazing how quickly
The grass can grow
Over the ruins
So there’s nothing to show

Life is suffering,
They say,
But it’s just a song
And that’s OK

You say now
That I get under your skin
But there was a time
When you let me in

Well, you’re the scholar
Of the war
And I saw the corpse
Upon the floor

My God,
That was terrible to see
And then I realised
That it was me

Life is suffering,
They say,
But it’s just a song
And that’s OK

It was only an addiction
You’re saying now…
You made me soup
And you stroked my brow

It was only a dependence
In the dark…
But I held your hand
And I held your heart

You gave me your childhood
To have and to hold
And your karma
Carved in gold

I don’t know now
Quite what I should do,
I don’t know how
To return it all to you

I think I shall plant it
In the earth
So that in a thousand years
She gives birth

To something beautiful
And new
To something that comes
From me and you

You made me an icon
You’re saying now,
And then you smashed
That icon down

But for me you were SHE
You were HER
I always loved you
For who you were

I saw you dance
The other day
The ether moved in you
Through grace

You didn’t know
That I was there
And more to the point
You wouldn’t have cared

But it was so beautiful
To see
And you are
So beautiful to me

How you move
In time and space
Even the suffering
Upon your face

We used to have pizza
In your bed
Keep it in the heart
Our master said

If it doesn’t kill you
It can heal
Now I look back
I think that was the deal

We used to help Jesus
Cure the blind
I used to feel your heartbeat
Next to mine

You’re probably right
In all that you say
But this is just a song…
And that’s OK

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, It's just a song, and that's OK