Mary of the sorrows

by from the album [ Gospel of Love ]
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Mary of the sorrows

When I am walking The endless trail, I know that you love me As I love Thee

I know your sadness As you know mine We walk together Our steps in time

There are candles at the altar As I kneel at the source Where I fetch the water Which gently pours

Each flower is a poem A fragrant rhyme Love seeded the planet And gave birth to time


Into Thy vessel My life be poured As it was in the cradle Before the word

From out of the ether From out of the mist The song of the river Where all the lovers first kissed


When I was younger You were my bride But now I am older I am your child

Deep in the forest The sweet smell of pine Beneath the mountain-top I ascendโ€ฆ I climb


And life is golden And time is blue What joy to feel beholden To all that is you

I bathe in your starlight And I sip from my copper bowl I go down to the river To cleanse my soul


Heal me See me You feel my fractured mind

I stay with you I pray with you Your sorrowโ€ฆ your sorrow is mine


Your angels are dancing I see the eyes of a deer A mysterious drumming Tells me you are near

Inside the castle A silver key Venus is my lover And you are She


Free me Be with me You know the missing chord

And I would pull From your heart I would pull Each one of those seven swords


Mary of the sorrows And sister of my heart Maiden of the moonlight And daughter of the stars

Mary of the mountain Lover of the free Mother of the ocean And the Queen of the sea

Your boat carries me

Gospel of Love, Mary of the sorrows