Maryam and Eliador

by from the album [ State of Grace ]
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Maryam and Eliador

“Will you come away with me, my love
Will you come and marry me?
I’ll capture the four winds for you
And the waves upon the sea
Will you come and marry me?”

“No, I’ll not come away with you,
I will not marry thee
For I am like the wind and the waves
And you cannot capture me
So I’ll not marry thee.”

“My father gives me land, my love
Enough for you and me
And you will never need to toil
My servants do for thee
So will you come and marry me?”

“You may make me like your land, my liege
A possession not your Queen
And beyond that wall I could not go
Like your pomegranate tree
And I should not be free.”

“Your father gives his blessing, dear
His dowry and command
Will you not do his bidding, dear
In marriage take my hand
In marriage take my hand?”

“My father beat me with his rods
And you may do the same
Your love may turn to punishment
If I please you not each day
But you cannot douse my flame”

                          * * *

That night the young man had a dream
To go to the forest dark
Summoned by a spirit there
To hear his love’s true heart
To understand her heart
“Your maiden does not seek your wealth
Nor does she seek your power
She seeks only her sovereignty
And that you honour her
And that you honour her.
So go to her on bended knee
And offer her this thing
Her sovereignty means more to her
Than your finest diamond ring
‘Twould make her pure heart sing.”
                          * * *
So Eliador took Maryam
Down to the forest edge
And he got down on bended knee
To make to her a pledge
To honour her true wish
“Will you come away with me, my love
Will you come and marry me?
I’ll honour and protect you, dear
And your spirit shall be free
Will you come and marry me?”
The maiden smiled and turned away
And then she touched his sleeve
And then she spurred her horse to race
Her trusty milk-white steed
She raced across the field
And after her he raced as well
She had not answered him
But he understood her meaning well
In the river they would swim
Free spirits, naked skin
They swam and swam and are swimming still
They’ll swim until they rust
For Maryam and Eliador
In spirit put their trust
In spirit put their trust
Their children swim and so do ours
And so do yours as well
We are free to find our way in life
We are free to find ourselves
Free to find ourselves

State of Grace, Maryam and Eliador