Ninety nine days

by from the album [ Sirius ]
2 minute read

Ninety nine days (numerical value of the word ‘Amen’ in ancient Greek)

Give me your fear
And give me your pain
Give me your anger
I won’t turn away

Curse me if you will
Make as if to kill
Give me your hatred
And I’ll swallow the pill

In the depths of your heart
By the light of your star
I believe in your goodness
I know who you are

And if ninety-nine days pass
Or ninety-nine lives
Yes we fell once in battle
But love never dies

You don’t have to know me
No, you don’t have to see
Or care about my things
Or even care about me

I know you don’t miss me
I accept that you’ve gone
I’ll soon become a stranger
Just some guy who’s moved on

But we met for a moment
And we cheated the flood
Or was it a lifetime
That we met inside love?

And if ninety-nine days pass
Or ten-thousand-and-three
There’s a little heart carved
In the mighty love tree

Some say I’m crazy,
I’m deluded and a fool
And some say I make
My own suffering over you

But there’s a secret and a mystery
At the heart of all of this
Where loving and hating
Become something else

I will take your projection
I can nail it to my cross
It’s got a lifetime’s warranty
That covers every loss

I get whispers of guidance
And that spares me the rod
We’re protected by angels
And by the mercy of God

So you do this for me
From the depths of your vault
In the shards of your mirror
I can see all my faults

You’re not wrong in your reason
When you let out the beast
But the point of our karma
Is a mutual release

So a cycle of violence
Can stop with our love
This time you play Judas
And I play the dove

But in the Passion
We get to play all of the roles
And if ninety-nine lives pass
That’s nothing at all

Sirius, Ninety nine days