Not of this world

by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
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Not of this world

We come to this earth
To give thanks in time & space
And flesh & blood
And to plant seeds
Of the kind of love
That is not of this world

We are but all bricks
In a cathedral made of light
And our eyes are all windows
And our hands form an arch of prayer

In the spirit world
There is no pain or death
In the spirit world
We breathe before our first breath

In the absolute
Virtue is as
Sunlight to the flowers
O I pray that we die
Before we die
Before we die…

We come from a star
One of three from afar
Beyond the bull, the bear, the lion
From Orion
Not of this world

And we come bearing gifts
That are hidden in the songs
That bear witness
To the angels
Weaving moonlight in a child’s hair

Softly watching
Over every soul
Protected by
The silver & the gold

In sleep we are more spiritual
Guardians of the Holy Grail
Remember who we are
Who we are
Who we are…

Do you know that your twin
She awaits you deep within
And she lives in a world
That is parallel to this one?

We all long to go home
To our twin, to go home
To our lover deep within
And yet who is not of this world

Unbraid your hair
Untie your horse and ride
Go to where
Your darkest secrets hide

Across the threshold
Your eternal lover waits for thee
But she’s not of this world
Not of this world
Not of this world…

Butterfly in Chains, Not of this world