Old man

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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Old man

I came across a frail old man
He looked at me and then beyond
I saw in him the end of life
And I heard his ancestral song

He said to me: “Now do I die-oh
I return now to the sky-oh
A blessing while you hold my hand
Please bless the life of this old man”

I came across a wounded bird
And I cupped her inside my hands
I knew she had a broken wing
From carrying the pain of man

She looked at me and I began to cry-oh
Spread your wings, you long to fly-oh
O wounded bird I will hold you until you die
And then once more you can fly so high

I came across the planet Earth
And she was bleeding from her wounds
A shepherd boy sang to her
Attended by the sun and moon

“O Mother Earth, I want to heal your pain
I journeyed far because I could feel your pain”
“O come here my child and take my hand
Inside this seed is the son of man
Plant it in the sacred land
And there a new tree of life shall grow”

The Blessing & The Bliss, Old man