Our life went by

by from the album [ Sirius ]
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Our life went by

Our life went by
Like a star that died
And those things we did together
Never did I think they wouldn’t matter
To you.

And our life went by
You taught me to fly
And I flew with you.

Who are we to each other?
I’m still trying to figure that one out.
We were pocket saviours, I’d say
“We were nothing”, you’d cry.

“Just let me get on with my life”…
Of course, of course… you’re free… for sure…
But every time I think this movie’s over
It shows me something more.

So our life went by
With a sacrifice
But I’d still do it again
Even if I knew that was the plan.

Yes, our life went by
And you taught me to die
And I’ll leave this world
A better man.

What was it with the flesh?
What was it with time and space?
What was it with our karma
And our struggle for grace?

Why do I still love you so much?
And how is it that you can now so hate me?
Why do I tremble without your touch?
It’s OK… you don’t need to explain to me.

So I stand at the cross
Between Mary and John,
And I hear the Master say:
“I’ll meet you in paradise”.

And I go back to the place
Where you lived as a child,
… I’m just passing through
On my way to another life.

Did you ever marry, sweetheart?
And have children?
I asked you once when would we meet again,
And you said: “When I show you photos of them”.

Have we dismantled each other completely yet?
Is there a throne in the sky?
What was it that we were so busy with
As our life went by?

Sirius, Our life went by