Passion play

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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Passion play

Sweetheart I say goodbye now
I trust the powers within you
I give you my full blessing
For your sacred journey
And I know that you
Must make that journey alone

Our story is a passion play
I am your Jesus, and you are my Mary
I am your father
And you are my mother
And sister
And soul-mate
And child
And muse
And friend

We separate because you declare it
We meet in so many lives
But different countries, relationships
Commitments and ages,
All meant that we could not
Share this life

I accede, then, to all of your wishes
I will not write or call you
I will not seek you out again
But I will journey in my spirit
To meet you at source

In our garden is jasmine and wild thorn
Poppy, calendula and lily
And our many lives
They grow like wild flowers
And our interwoven stories
Meet and mingle in an arch

What a thing it is to separate in love
You sacrifice in order to live
But like Leila and Majnun
The lover and beloved lie together
In a deep embrace

I write five verses, one for each year
I just don’t know what else I can do
To give solace to my broken heart
Though I know that you
Will never hear these words

Still I sing this song softly for you
Every single step of your way
For me it is a place
Where we can commune
A temple of song
And a garden of truth

And so, my love, I say goodbye now
Your sacrifice is noble and brave
You do the right thing
To end our journey here
To take your blade
And make the coup-de-grace so well

Sweetheart, I will always love you
Your need is greater than mine
Your freedom means more
Than my reliance on you
And so our passion play must end
With this death and this birth

Sacred Songs, Passion play