Past lives

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Past lives

Once you were my daughter
And once I was your son
Once we stole a forbidden kiss
And we were lovers on the run

Once I was your saviour
And once you had a gun
I remember how you loved me
And how the moon drew blood

We live, and live again
We live, and love again

Once I saw you playing
Alone by the stream
I became your hero
I stepped out of your dream

Once we were with Jesus
You knelt and washed his feet
And once I was your jailer
And threw away the key

We live, and love again
In love, in truth, in flames

Once I must have pardoned you
An once you must have hung
And once I waited 1,000 years
And still you didn’t come

Once I wrote a masterpiece
And once I wrote this song
And once you wrote a letter
Saying that what we had was gone

Once you carried water
Once I carried you
And once when you forgave me
It broke my heart in two

Once your eyes were searching mine
Your heart was all undone
And once you said our little love
Was just a fire in the sun

We live, and love again
Lovers, fools and friends

Once the angels engineered
Our karma, intertwined,
And we agreed the life, the place,
The story and the time

Strangers meeting in this life
Connecting up in love
So that in the next life
We might once again be blood

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, Past lives